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Why Join Us?

FDL Reporting, is now recovering and returning more than £1 million every year direct to retailers who suffer losses from Drive-Offs and No Means of Payment. In addition, Our research has found that our services are having an even bigger impact. Retailers operating the scheme are finding it acts as a deterrent against potential offenders and they are recovering more than £6 million from customers who return to settle debts.

The principal objective of FDL Reporting is to make fuel service stations safer and more secure working environments. Our system helps to reduce the volume of fuel taken in ‘drive-offs’ and ‘no means of payment’ incidents and, where necessary, efficiently recover losses incurred by retailers.

FDL Reporting services are intended to reduce crime, help retailers to recover money owed, improve the efficiency of gathering information and reporting drive off and no means to pay incidents to the police. At the same time FDL Reporting is working with police forces to develop more efficient ways of reporting and recording incidents and taking steps to see that persistent offenders are prosecuted.

We build beneficial working relationships that can bring fuel retailers, oil companies, police and crime-fighting agencies together by working to common goals. FDL Reporting System have been shown to reduce demands on police time and provide more efficient ways of working.

Unlike our competitors, through the use of our unique FDL App and online reporting system, we are able to recover Drive offs as well as NMOPs on a high success rate. If the debt still remains unpaid for 21 days, our company find it necessary to commence legal proceedings in order to recover the debt with defaulters and court action. In order to do this, we handle a complete orderly process of obtaining the registered keeper’s database with the DVLA enabling us to recover the debt and close the reported case with the police, once debt has been fully recovered.

Likewise, we follow up on incident and provide regular updates on our services and coaching calls to all Site Managers with a significantly large quantity of Drive offs and NMOPs. All of this is achieved via our dedicated specialist team who assist your forecourt staff in the prevention of control losses. The clients’ money is paid out immediately on clearance and is protected by a fully audited, separate client account. Our company then follow up on overdue invoices and at no cost. In addition to this, our service is completely free to retailers!

At Forecourt Driveoff Limited we pride ourselves with our efficiency to deal with the task at hand, as well as our committed staff that always ensure that you receive the quality service that you desire.