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What is Incident Reporting?

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Formal recording of incidents at forecourts, consisting mostly of Drive Off’s or NMOP’s (No means of payment) with supporting evidence of forecourt CCTV. With incidents increasing each year, the need to report these incidents quickly is vital to help reduce such occurrences. Our reporting software at FDL Reporting ensures retailers are able to report incidents quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Our live platform allows you to search for any false registrations instantly; as well as live alerts on other reports in all areas, ensuring crime prevention is a shared process across all our retailers, police forces and local authorities.

We also focus on all aspects of Fuel loss both civil and criminal, going beyond what any fuel retailer could ever imagine. Civil Debt recovery process  ‘No means of Payment’ is enforced through correct legal channels, by failing to pay, we instigate HMCTS Pre Court Protocol Directions and  Alternate Dispute Resolutions after just 31 days from the date the fuel was obtained. Thereon the debtor can follow the Government HMCTS Court Directions and Guidance, taking them through various legal settlement procedures.

Retailers have already begun to feel the benefits of our payment recovery system within weeks. Experiencing more people returning to pay what they owe than they previously had experienced. Customers who have difficulty paying are offered different settlement options suitable to their circumstances to settle the debt.

The clients’ money is paid out immediately on clearance and is protected by a fully audited, separate client account. Our company then follow up on overdue invoices and at no cost.