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What is FDL Reporting

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This is a free service to All Forecourt retailers, our service is the most efficient way to reduce numbers of Forecourt NMOP’s and Drive off, with our 90% debt recovery success rate system.

Our Forecourt security is a partnership that has been specifically designed to reduce crime with initiatives that support both police forces and UK fuel retailers. By setting crime reducing objectives, and initiatives to meet them, our procedures have been proven to mitigate crime.

We work closely with you, exploring areas we can improve security and procedures in your forecourt; from Kiosk positions, CCTV software right through to prosecution policies.

For security, we obtain CCTV footage and keep a database of all repeat offenders and vehicles using stolen or falsified registration plates. Our system allows you to check registration plates instantly, report incidents but importantly, have a channel of communication and alerts between all our retailers to share data.

The security of forecourt staff and your customers is a major concern for us always. We work closely with forecourts and offer training on forecourt security and loss prevention.

We train forecourt management and staff on how to spot forecourt security risks and when incidents occur, we take care of the rest at no cost to you. We work together to reduce forecourt crime.

Our service platform is the best on the industry. Our dedicated team with extensive experience in forecourt management, debt administration and enforcement; working together to create a seamless, reliable and effective support system.

Our reporting system is user-friendly and has real time notifications to you each time a payment is made.

You can submit reports on our mobile app which is available on all digital mobile platforms or through a desktop using the web browser.

We understand transparency is very important to retailers so for your peace of mind our system has live updates of all submitted reports and their current status.

We offer special admin accounts for retailers which allow you to view and track all reports submitted by forecourts in your cluster and their current statuses. We provide free training and aim to forge strong relationships with all forecourt managers and staff to help provide solutions to prevent and reduce losses. We have a no nonsense but professional approach and provide high standard customer service.

We pay the total outstanding fuel amount to retailers. Recovered funds are transferred to the retailer on a 4 weekly basis with a Statement and updates to keep you informed.