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Systems & Reporting

Our Forecourt security is a partnership that has been specifically designed to reduce crime with initiatives that support both police forces and UK fuel retailers. By setting crime reducing objectives, and initiatives to meet them, our procedures have been proven to mitigate crime.

What is FDL Reporting?

This is a free service to All Forecourt retailers, our service is the most efficient way to reduce numbers of Forecourt NMOP’s and Drive off’s.

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Why Join us?

We are now recovering and returning more than £1 million every year direct to retailers who suffer losses from Drive-Offs and NMOP.

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What is Incident Reporting?

Formal recording of incidents at forecourts, consisting mostly of Drive Off’s or NMOP’s with supporting video evidence of forecourt CCTV.

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Order Of Process

The Process: We handle a complete process from obtaining of registered keeper’s database with the DVLA to recover the debt and closing the reported cases with the Police, once the debt has been fully recovered.

The Payment: We send an invoice with different payment options and administration charge, requesting the outstanding payment. Once the payment has been received from the driver, We pay the retailer full recovered amount of the outstanding debt.

Further Action: Further failure to pay the outstanding may result in the registration of the debt at the County Court and a Court Order being made against the offender for payment.

We work closely with you, exploring areas we can improve security and procedures in your forecourt, Our system allows you to check registration plates instantly, report incidents but importantly, have a channel of communication and alerts between all our retailers to share data.

The principal objective of FDL Reporting is to make fuel service stations safer and more secure working environments. Our system helps to reduce the volume of fuel taken in ‘drive-offs’ and ‘no means of payment’ incidents and, where necessary, efficiently recover losses incurred by retailers.